WIF, PEPE DOGE lead memecoins’ 114% surge: What’s next?

  • DOGE, WIF PEPE DOGE lead see a decline in social activity.
  • The Memecoins sector has shown massive growth year to date, outperforming all competitors.

The meme coin market has grown faster than any other cryptocurrency segment. Recent data from Artemis shows that the sector is up 114% year-to-date.

Memecoins dominate

The memecoin sector has grown substantially because of the popularity and growth of WIF PEPE DOGE lead. This sector surpassed the Centralized Exchange token, the DePIN token, and the AI token. Nevertheless, these meme coins may face future difficulties. The social volume for WIF and DOGE has dropped dramatically over the last month, according to AMBCrypto’s examination of Sentiments data. The value of these tokens could drop if they lose favor with investors. Tokens like WIF and DOGE are in danger of falling behind other meme coins like TRUMP and BODEN, which are gaining popularity on social media.

If these meme coins want to maintain their upward price momentum, they must become popular again on social media. Although new competitors have entered the market, PEPE has recently seen an increase in social volume, suggesting that it has maintained its relevance on social media. Similarly, a pattern was identified in terms of emotion. A sharp drop in WIF and DOGE’s Weighted Sentiment suggests that negative feedback about these tokens is growing on many social media sites. Nevertheless, PEPE maintained a steady increase in this area, indicating that the memecoin was generally well-received.

Looking at the data

Also, PEPE’s network growth has been improving lately, suggesting that new addresses are interested in the coin. DOGE’s recent velocity spike indicates an increase in transaction frequency. In contrast, WIF PEPE DOGE lead recent volume spike indicates that DOGE and PEPE have done well in terms of price movement during the past week. However, the more recent market entrant, WIF, has not been successful in this regard. Compared to DOGE’s 3% spike during the previous week, PEPE grew 14.98%. Conversely, WIF experienced a 10% drop throughout that time.

Memecoins Dominate the Crypto Landscape

The meme coin market has grown faster than any other cryptocurrency segment. Recent data from Artemis shows that the sector is up 114% year-to-date. Among the meme coins that have grown in popularity and contributed to the sector’s progress is WIF PEPE DOGE lead, which has surpassed Centralized Exchange tokens, DePIN tokens, and AI tokens in performance.

Network Growth and Transaction Activity

New addresses are beginning to express interest in PEPE, which is good news for the coin’s network expansion. DOGE experienced a spike in velocity, suggesting a rise in transaction frequency, while WIF saw a comparable increase in transaction volume. The price performance of DOGE and PEPE has been favorable during the past week, whereas WIF has been declining.


There is no denying the continued importance and volatility of the memecoin sector within the cryptocurrency market. Some currencies, like PEPE, can keep and even increase their market share, while others, like WIF and DOGE, may have to reignite their social media popularity to keep their price momentum going. Innovations and changes in trader mood will play critical roles in determining the future of meme coins, which is both unclear and exciting.

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